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Aikido consists of techniques with weapons and bare hands using the strength of the opponent not to defeat him, but to annihilate his attack.


In aikido everything is a circle, everything is suppleness, everything is mouvement, everything is harmony. Aikido is the way of a physical culture, of a moral culture, it is born in the traditional martial arts of Japan for the accomplishment of the human being.


What is fabulous about aikido is that the whole being aspires for the the combat not to take place. The combat is bad in itself. Martial art must be love. Some say that aikido is a form of religious expression of Japanese martial arts. In any case in Aikido there is no match, no competition, no championship, the combat is bad. It is undoubtedly the most harmonious, the most graceful discipline of the budo..



Cégep du vieux Montréal

(Room C4.01 -  combat room)

255 Ontario St E, Montreal,  

QC H2X 1X6 


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We are a club of Aikido who is concerned with the transmission of Aikido according to the principles of the Aikikai of Tokyo, Hombu dojo (Headquaters of Aikido). We have close and direct ties with internationally renowned instructors from Japan, Europe, and America. Our dojo is in direct connection with Ōsawa Hayato Shinan and Endo Seishiro Shihan in Japan, a great link with the Renwakai group led by Alain Tendron and with Christian Tissier Shihan of the FFAAA in France.


We offer courses for beginners to whom we pay close attention since they represent the succession and vitality of art.


Kashima Shin Ryu, ken jutsu (study of sword handling) is also used in the curriculum, as it is complementary and linked to the study of Aikido.






He starts Aikido in 2004 at Aikido de la Montagne under the direction of Claude Berthiaume Shihan (7th dan). From the outset, he participated in seminars throughout North America, with teachers such as Y. Yamada Shihan, K. Chiba Shihan, D. Waite Shihan and many others. He became an instructor at Aikido de la Montagne from 2012 to 2017 and obtained the rank of 3rd dan in 2015.


In 2006 he met Maitre Hayato Ōsawa Shihan (7th dan). Ōsawa Shihan makes him discover a conscious, respectful, controlled Aikido of remarkable precision and beauty.


Since 2011, he has participates in all the seminars and summer camps, organized by Master Christian Tissier Shinan (8th dan), that are help in Montreal.


In 2012, he leaves for Japan to spend 3 months and to train full time at the Hombu dojo of Tokyo (Aikido Headquarters) with Master Ōsawa. He also gets the opportunity to receive direct teaching from a few other  Masters of The Hombu dojo on a daily basis including Miyamoto Shihan (8th dan), Seki Shihan (8th dan), Kuribayashi Shihan (7th dan) among others. In 2013, he returnes to Japan for a period of 2 months and trains in Tokyo and Osaka where he trained at Shimamoto Shihan (8th dan) and Hori Shihan (7th dan).


Since 2014, he has participated in all the courses organized by Master Endo Seishiro Shihan (8th dan) held in Montreal.


In 2016, he met Master Alain Tendron (6th dan) who inspired him greatly with a centered, powerful, flexible and relaxed Aikido. Pupil of the great Master Yamaguchi Seigo Shihan (1924-1996) and founder of the Renwakai group.


In 2017 he formed the Ensō Aikido.



He began Aikido in 1979, at the Aikido Kensankai dojo. Aikido was one of the four disciplines taught at the Shidokan, Nakamura's Judo Dojo. Jim Wright was then the Aikido instructor at Shidokan.


His main influence in Aikido is Master Kawahara shihan, who had run Aikido Kensankai for a few years before moving to the West, and who returned to teach every year for more than a week at the dojo. In addition to Kawahara shihan, Aikido Kensankai followed the teachings of Yamada shihan, Kanai shihan and Chiba shihan.


Following Jim Wright's departure for Toronto, Aikido Kensankai merged in 1988 with the Aikido Metropolitan Center to form the Aikido de la Mountain where he continued his role as an instructor.


In 2017 he decided to join the new group to form the new Ensō Aikido Dojo.

ÉRIC CAPELLE (4th dan)


He started aikido in 1974 with Louis Clériot 6ème Dan, one of the precursors of aikido in France and founder of the French federation of aikido (FFAAA). In 2001, he attended Bernard Palmier's training as an instructor, helping him to structure his practice and teaching. 


His professional career has given him the opportunity to practice aikido in the Hombu dojo for more than 7 years and to follow more specifically Osawa Sensei, Sugawara Sensei and Kanazawa Sensei. He became friends with Gérard Sachs, a former student of Yamaguchi Sensei, who inspired his Aikido today. 


During his journey, he practiced with Josette Nickels (5th Dan) who introduced him to the kenjutsu of the Kashima Shinryu school, he perfected his initiation to the Shiseikan Meiji Jingu during his second stay in 2013-2014. 


Welcomed to the mountain aikido Dojo upon his arrival in Quebec, he now decides to share his experience as a practitioner and teacher.


Aikikai Hombu Dojo


Ensō Aikido Dojo 

Cégep du vieux Montréal  

(Salle C4.01 - salle de combat) 

255 Ontario Est, Montréal,  

QC H2X 1X6, Canada

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